Welcome Aboard


The ocean is crucial to the health of our planet; but it's facing unprecedented threats. If we do not find a sustainable way to manage this precious resource, we risk losing all the benefits it provides us, from climate regulation to food security. In summary: the ocean needs advocates. And that's why ONA exists.

We aim to provide tailor-made solutions to expand the reach and deepen the influence of people and institutions working in fields related to the ocean and sustainability.  From plankton researchers to nautical tech companies, we are very proud to work with a wide ranging group of like-minded clients. Our mission is not just to provide them with great services but also to grow a network of diverse and brilliant partners willing to work together to help each other thrive while preserving the health of our oceans.


Besides our commitment to journalism, Nathan and I soon discovered we both loved the ocean. He was a Californian surfer and I grew up sailing around the Mediterranean, so we both worried about the worsening health of the seas and felt like we had to do something about it.


The idea for ONA came to us during a reporting trip in Tangier, Morocco. One afternoon, while sipping mint tea and watching the fishing boats return to port the question came up: “How come there is no media agency dedicated exclusively to the sea?”


Quickly followed by: “We should create it.” That same day, we had a business plan and a name: ONA. The word means “to see” in Swahili, the official language of Kenya, the place we lived. And it also means “wave” in my mother tongue, Catalan.


We determined to put everything we had learned about fact-finding and effective storytelling in service of organizations and individuals who worked in the sea. The goal: to make audiences fall in love with the big blue.


Soon after, we decided to move to Barcelona, where we met a world-class solo sailor called Didac Costa, who would become our third partner. At the time, he was preparing to set off around the world on a single-handed sailing race called Vendée Globe. 



Laura Secorun
Managing Director

Laura is in charge of strategy and partner relations. A journalist by training, Laura has worked in over 20 countries for outlets such as the New York Times and The Guardian. She has also been a consultant for a myriad of companies and foundations in Systems Thinking (Postgraduate Diploma from Cornell University) and Disruptive Design, a methodology developed by Leyla Arcangelou, UNEP Champion of the Earth. She was also Director of Communication in Didac Costa's 2020/21 Vendée Globe Team.


Didac Costa
Sporting Director

Didac is one of the world's best offshore sailors and recently  became the first Spaniard in history to finish the Vendée Globe twice - the solo sailing race around the world without stops or assistance. His list of nautical achievements also includes crossing the Atlantic alone in the Mini Transat 2011 and around the world double-handed, in the 2014 Barcelona World Race. Didac is also a firefighter whose vocation in service now extends to designing sustainable sailing projects and empowering the next generation of ocean athletes.


Nathan Siegel
Head of Production

Nathan manages the project's media impact and content production. Originally from California, he has worked as a filmmaker and photographer in the US, East Africa and East Asia, reporting on environmental crises for outlets such as CNN and BBC. He has also worked for clients like UNHCR, Save the Children, Bosch, and Microsoft. He is passionate about combining the rigor of journalistic storytelling with innovative media approaches to give ocean stories the wide audience they deserve.

Giulia Gasparrini
Brand Manager

Giulia is in charge of communicating and sharing the company's mission and values with the world. She also helps our clients deepen their impact and expand their audience. Growing up by the Mediterranean, she is passionate about protecting the sea and constantly seeking opportunities to make an impact. That's why, during her Masters in Communication & Marketing at Audencia (Nantes, France) she dedicated her thesis to the power of storytelling in promoting environmental awareness and behaviour change.