Sports Management

We help connect the public with the sea

by designing innovative sporting projects and empowering water sport athletes.

  • Talent Management

  • Sponsor Relations

  • Sporting Events

  • Tech R+D Projects in Sports

  • Sailing Race Teams


Educational Projects

We help scientists, academics and activists to craft compelling educational campaigns and materials for a variety of audiences.

  • Pedagogical Content

  • Educational / Academic Programs

  • Sustainability Campaigns

  • Events & Exhibitions

  • Citizen Science initiatives

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Video Production

From doc festivals to social media, we produce content that moves audiences and helps spread awareness of your mission.

  • Documentary filmmaking

  • Branded content

  • Social Media Reels

  • VR & Augmented Reality

  • Multimedia projects

Aerial Photo of an Ocean

Training & Consulting

Want to level-up your team's skills or solve a highly specific problem? We put all of our team's experience at your service through tailor-made consulting.

  • Media Training for scientists

  • Scientific Training for journalists

  • Sports Management consulting
    (for Sailing Teams)

  • Corporate Sustainability training

  • Offshore Sailing coaching

  • Media Training for sea nonprofits

“"Without a doubt, one of the things we appreciate most about ONA is how genuinely enjoyable it to work with them. They are very professional and passionate about what they do.”

               Roger Llovet, COO + Co-founder